About ourselves


I am Edgar Knerr, founder of Dialog back in 1994. I have studied Spanish and English philology at Berlin Free University and  have worked many years teaching German at the Goethe-Institut Madrid (the equivalent of the British Council).

At DIALOG, we have catered for the linguistic needs of our students since 1994. We would like to prove that you can both set for an unequalled learning progress, and make studying enjoyable at the same time.

Whether you are starting from the beginning or polishing your skills, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Our students are demanding learners with high expectations, who want results. We aim to provide a stimulating environment, small classes (10 maximum) and a learning focus geared on practice to maximise on opportunities for conversation.

We guarantee efficiency in learning through 6 homogeneous study levels; a placement test will ensure that all participants have the same level of Spanish.

Whether you prefer group tuition or a tailormade one to one approach, we always bear in mind that only high teaching standards, combined with an excellent price-quality ratio will make you come back.

By visualizing grammar and vocabulary with the best technology available (short-distance projector, visualizer), we are taking advantage of the latest language aquisition methods available.

We guarantee that you won´t get better value for your money anywhere else on the island. Furthermore, there is no risk involved: the first day you are entitled to give it a try: if you don´t like it, we´ll refund you the down payment. But we are absolutely convinced you will carry on.